Building a human energy brand from the inside out

Brands all over the world are constantly saying they care; they care about their customers, their products and their industry but what about their people?  When Contact decided to re-brand, we looked to our people for inspiration, we knew that without their belief, support and passion our new brand would never get across the line.

So we began a revolution to shift the culture and fill the business with human kindness, curiosity, progressiveness and pointed focus. We stopped, we looked and we listened to what our people wanted us to be and how they thought we should behave.

Then, together, each and every one of us took the challenge to change our business. We took the direction from our people,  we put our energy where it mattered and built the human energy company.

Where & When
Thursday, November 14th
10:50am - 11:20am
Main Agenda
Breakouts – Evolution - Level 2, WA224B
General Manager - Profitable Growth
Contact Energy