Defining Marketing ROI with People-based Attribution  

Defining Marketing ROI with People-based Attribution  

Defining ROI and value from your marketing dollar have always been a focus for marketing professionals, but attributing the correct value to a channel, and the methodology used has been fraught with pitfalls. 

Datalicious uses Facebook data in multi-touch attribution studies to accurately map touchpoints in the path to conversion. 

Come and find out what the impact of using a people-based marketing attribution model delivers compared with a more traditional cookie-only-based approach. 

During a joint study with Facebook, we found that over half of all measured cross-device conversion journeys were influenced by a mobile touchpoint, and that people-based measurement more accurately associated touchpoints with people, reflecting the cross-device, cross-channel consumer journey.

Where & When
Thursday, November 15th
11:25am - 11:55am
Main Agenda
Stream 2 - Best of Breed - Level 2, WA220
General Manager - NZ