Korero & Kai – A taste of our culture from anywhere in the world

Human connection is the ultimate goal for brands. We want consumers to intimately interact with the products and services we are marketing and truly care. When asking about a brand strategy, a new digital project or new campaign ask not what will it say or do? Ask how will it make people feel.
Bridget Taylor is Founder of Contagion and New Zealand’s only female Maori Executive Creative Director. She Continues to be at the top of her game by producing great campaigns for clients such as Tourism New Zealand and the latest All Blacks work.
Today she will take us through a world first Tourism New Zealand ‘Korero and Kai’.  This ground breaking work allows people from all over the globe to dine and interact with New Zealand culture in real time before they even get here. 
Tourism New Zealand say you arrive as a visitor and leave as Whanau – this project lives that.

Where & When
Thursday, November 14th
10:50am - 11:20am
Main Agenda
Breakouts – Aspiration - Level 2, WA220
Executive Creative Director