Prosocial behaviour & brand efforts

The AUT panel brings together the following experts to outline the rising and pressing movements we are observing and the implications for marketers and how they can engage these ideas for their brand efforts:

  • Dr. Jessica Vredenburg, an expert in services marketing, will share her insights on “viral CSR” and how brands are using prosocial engagement as a clear marketing strategy to get in on the consumer conversation (i.e., Nike's stand on Colin Kaepernick, Domino's "Paving for Pizza" campaign to fix potholes in cash-strapped communities)
  • Dr. Sommer Kapitan, a consumer behaviour expert, discusses the rise of social currency and the exchange value of data, and how consumers are now seeking to be rewarded by marketers and brands for good behaviour (i.e., being a good uber rider, a good trademe user).
  • Duncan Shand, founder of YoungShand, explores current research on trends and rising issues that are pressing for agencies.
Where & When
Thursday, November 15th
10:50am - 11:20am
Main Agenda
Stream 1 - ad:tech Uni - Level 1, WG126
Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Managing Director