Retention is the new acquisition

Building customer loyalty with a retention marketing programme

As part of your wider customer lifecycle marketing activity, retention marketing focuses specifically on those customers who have already converted and how you can get them to stay. It can, however, be difficult to implement effectively requiring more diverse and large customer data sets, as well as more sophisticated technology – like marketing automation.

So how can marketing automation technology aid retention? Join Nathalie Morris, CEO of Qrious, to learn how.

She will explain how it helps strengthen the relationship through:

  • Personalisation and smarter targeting of relevant content
  • Creating a seamless end-to-end experience
  • Improved customer service

As well as enabling you to

  • Create multi-touch marketing programmes to help increase engagement
  • Develop automated programmes and streamline the ‘customer journey’
  • Use behavioural data to identify those who are more loyal or engaged, and better understand the ideal customer.

An effective retention marketing programme will help you build trust and loyalty, as well as improve ROI through increasing customer lifetime value.

If you’re interested in learning how you can use marketing automation technology to improve retention, register today.

Where & When
Thursday, November 15th
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Main Agenda
Stream 1 - ad:tech Uni - Level 1, WG126