Uprise Masterclass: Dude, Where's My Data?

The death of the cookie as we know it is upon us.

Soon the ability to measure, track and analyse how people are interacting with your digital assets is going to change.

Apple, Mozilla, Google and other industry leaders have plans (or have already started!) to remove or severely limit the usage of 3rd party cookies and user data within the next 18 months.

We are already seeing an impact on brands - you might find already that 7-10% of your mobile traffic has an influx of ‘New users’... You can thank Apple for that.

Being unable to clearly track which of your marketing dollars and efforts are working is obviously an issue. But all is not lost! We need to adapt and change, and to do so we need to start planning now - as it might be a bit more work than you think.

In this session Tim Pointer, CEO of Uprise Digital is going to cover off how brands can best plan for the future with specific examples for different industries and environments. We’ll look at the strategic changes all businesses should make and dare I say it, more effective way of measuring marketing impact.

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Where & When
Thursday, November 14th
3:35pm - 4:05pm
Main Agenda
Masterclass Series - Level 2, WA224A