We place so much emphasis on tech that sometimes we forget the very thing that powers it.

Human beings.

If tech is the freight train hurtling us towards our collective futures, we still need the drivers.

Now more than ever.
We need human aspirations, we need human brilliance. Too often we’ve seen big promises made, only to have our hopes dashed. Does technology really bring us closer? Maybe. Maybe not. You only have to look at any crowd of people with their faces buried in their screens to understand the lie.
We believe we have a great focus for this year’s ad:tech. Humanity driving tech. Or to turn that around, technology from a human perspective. It’s about the cleverness of human beings to invent and then harness technologies to help rather than hinder. And to make meaningful advances.
What can we believe and what should we spend our valuable hours debunking? If it looks authentic, if it feels authentic, it may not really BE authentic? Who do we listen to? Can machines be trusted? When should we listen to THEM? Or distrust them.
What technologies in your industry are the game changers and which are the time wasters? How do we develop technologies to genuinely serve our purposes?  
We all need to bring our humanity to this year’s ad:tech to inform technology and it’s power in our lives.